Thursday, January 31, 2013

Best Breakfast Burritos.... Ever. The End.

I love a good breakfast burrito. Or lunch burrito, dinner burrito, teatime burrito... whatever. These are as good as any I've ever paid money for. I make up a batch on my day off, stash them in hoards (much like a a squirrel) at work and home, and eat them allll week. Sometimes, I share. Most often, NOT. And I promise you, they will be equally as delicious whether you make them vegetarian or with BACON (!)

Ingredients: (makes about 14, wow. will last in fridge a week or freezer indefinitely)

5 small or 3 large russet/white potatoes
6 eggs
12 oz. bacon (I used center cut, less wasteful fat)
4 oz. can diced fire roasted green chiles (must be fire-roasted orr if you can score some roasted 
     Hatch chiles from a farmer's market, even better)
5-6 canned chipotles en adobo, diced (more if you like a burrito that makes you sweat)
15 oz. can pinto beans, drained and rinsed well (bean water is EW)
14 whole wheat tortillas (feel them in the store, the flimsier the better)
1-2 Tbsp. canola oil
Sprinkle garlic powda
couple dashes of black pepper

Hello there!
Cook your bacon (if using). Pan frying is okay, but messy. I recommend cooking it on a rack above a foil covered cookie sheet. 350 for 15 minutes or til desired crispiness. No muss, no fuss. Reserve a Tbsp. of the bacon grease/drippings.While bacon is cooking, chop up your tatos into bite size pieces (leave skins on). Bacon is done, blot it with paper towels,

Pig candy.
crumble it (when cool enough), and ya might as well sample it too- HA. Add canola oil to drippings/ grease in a large skillet, sprinkle the garlic powder on taters and fry over medium-high until they tender and golden brown.  Add in green chiles, chipotles, a couple tablespoons of the adobo sauce, and beans. Combine, reduce burner to medium and let come back up to heat. If your filling looks dry add a bit of water or chicken stock. Meanwhile, steam your tortillas. If you do not have a steamer, never fear! I will show you a easy and thoroughly ghetto way to do it.

Separate each tortilla with a sheet of foil and stack em up.

Stackin' papers.. er... tortillas...

 Wrap the entire thing in a damp dishtowel. Normally I use a bigger pan with a lid, but I had to cook at the Shrub's house so I shoved them into a tiny pan and covered tightly with more foil.

Tight fit lol  like sardines!

Hey man, desperate times. Put in the stove at 250 for about 20 minutes.

Now that our filling is warmed, and the flavors starting to mesh- push it into one side of the pan and crack your eggs into the other side and pepper them generously, like so.

Barely starting to set.

 Leave the eggs alone for awhile, until they start to set. Gently scramble them and then combine with the other side of pan stuff. Turn off heat and stir in bacon.

By now your tortillas are perfectly steamed! Grab the stack and assemble, using the foil to wrap em up tight.


Look at these beauties. Damn. 

They don't even need cheese, but you can add some before reheating, and as always- Cholula goes well with ANYTHING.

 I did share this batch. Next time, I probably won't be as kind.


  1. I really need some more of these! Peggy H.

    1. Oh Peggy you're awesome!!!! Thanks for my very first comment!!! Just for that, you shall be first in line for the next batch ;) 5 at least I'm thinking the first comment's worth ;)